Student Life

The Paul VI Experience

Every student attending Paul VI High School receives the opportunity to experience the complete academic journey.  Paul VI offers a challenging academic curriculum, along with the most up to date educational technology.  With first-rate performing and visual arts, competitive athletics, a host of clubs and activities, students have opportunities to discover new talents and explore their interest.

An education at Paul VI High School ensures that students represent values of faith, character, scholarship, responsibility, school spirit and citizenship.  These values ensure students obtain the skills necessary to face their future with faith, strength and conviction.

Paul VI campus ministry provides students with opportunities to explore real life applications of the principles of Catholic social teaching taught in the classroom. The retreat offered by campus ministry at the Romero Center in Camden gave my classmates and I the opportunity to explore the experience of poverty and marginalization. Campus ministry also provided the logistical support for student design of and participation in initiatives regarding social issues such as pro-life activism and hunger awareness.

- Teresa Blumenstein Class of 2009