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Participation in co-curricular clubs and activities is strongly encouraged for each student. With opportunities that develop character, critical thinking, social skills and talents, clubs and activities support our mission to help our students actualize their potential through participation in a broad, balanced and relevant educational experience. To make as many opportunities available as possible, a wide variety of groups exist. Currently there are around 35 clubs and activities for students to get involved in. If you have an interest and want to organize a club, it’s easy! Just submit a proposal for a new club including the name of the club and it’s purpose. Find a teacher who will act as a moderator and submit the information to the Assistant Principal for Student Services in the guidance office.

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Drive Like A Champion Campaign

Paul VI High School (PVI) is a part of the New Jersey State Wide "U Got Brains Champion Schools Teen Safe Driving Program". This program is an opportunity for High School students to develop campaigns to address Teen Driving Safety. The school slogan for our campaign is to "Drive Like A Champion". We decided to pick this slogan to describe our program at PVI because we will be incorporating the leadership program that our school follows, "Play Like A Champion". Our school follows the "Play Like A Champion" theme in all of our events. We promote the importance of being in a safe, fair, supportive, moral, and creating a spiritual environment. As the Safe Driving Campaign, we would like to continue this school theme and incorporate it into driving. We have promoted our school slogan and message through class meetings, Driver's Education Classes, Driving Safety messages on the Morning Announcements, and at our popular Dodgeball Tournament! In all these events, PVI's "Drive Like a Champion" Campaign has educated others on the law restrictions, as well as the possible impact of bad driving habits, distractions, and life threatening injuries. Our goal is not only to restate the importance of Safe Driving, but also to change driving behavior! We encourage everyone to "Drive Like A Champion"! 

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  • Photo of Ms. Courtney Daniels

    Ms. Courtney Daniels 

    General Arts Department Chair
    Saint Joseph's University - BS
    Immaculata University - MA