Paul VI is committed to making safe, reliable transportation available to its students.   Our transportation coordinator expertly handles all procedures for transporting students to and from the school each day. In most cases, PVI provides the option to take a bus for districts who do not provide transportation to Paul VI. We have streamlined the process for our families with a few simple steps:

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    Each registered student completes a B6T transportation form. For a B6T form, please click here.

    Each student taking a Paul VI sponsored bus must complete the Bus Contract.   For the contract, please click here.
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    The Paul VI transportation coordinator informs the student’s family of the transportation options available to them.

    Based on the information from Paul VI, families decide on transportation.

    In August, students who will be bused are notified of their bus routes and receive a bus pass in the mail, from either Paul VI or their township.

Transportation Provided by School Districts

A family’s choice of transportation is determined in part by where they live.  In the 2023 - 2024 school year, Washington Township and Pennsauken Township provided transportation to Paul VI.  The remaining 7 buses were provided by Paul VI.

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  • Group One

    The public school district provides bus transportation.
    • All bus transportation arrangements are made by the student’s home township or county. 
    • There are no additional costs for the family.
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  • Group Two

    The public school district pays a stipend in lieu of bus transportation. A Paul VI bus is available.
    • Families must make their own transportation arrangements but receive an annual stipend from their township in the amount of $1,165, in accordance with NJ state law. Twice a year, families receive reimbursement from the township, $582.50 in February and $582.50 in June.
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  • Group Three

    The public school district is a walking district. A Paul VI bus is available.
    • Families must make their own transportation arrangements; they are not paid a stipend by their township.
    • Families may choose to pay for use of a private school bus arranged by Paul VI High School.
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Additional Information

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  • Some helpful facts about our bus service are listed here:

    • The Paul VI buses are for the benefit of families whose towns do not provide a bus.  Seats on the Paul VI bus are reserved on a first come first served basis.
    • The current fee to use our bus service is $1,300.00. 
    • To reserve a spot on a Paul VI bus, families must submit a signed contract and pay a $150 non-refundable deposit.  The deposit is deducted from the cost of transportation.