Student Life

Leadership at PVI

PVI is committed to welcoming our newest members by providing necessary support as they navigate, literally and figuratively, the halls of our school. Specially selected and trained upper class peer leaders provide that welcome and support as they themselves  experience a growth in the necessary skill of leadership. In this ‘peer leadership role’, participants- both the newest and seasoned members of PVI - grow in their understanding of the necessary connection  between leadership and service.

PVI is committed to supporting our team captains as they navigate the student leadership responsibilities inherent in all sports activities. Individual assistance is provided by the particular team’s coaches. Cross sport training in the important role of leadership growth for captains is provided as well. Leadership councils open to ‘leaders’ in all sports help grow leadership skills,too. Providing ‘service beyond the field of play’ is also an expectation of our captains with the support of our Campus Ministry department.