Student Life

Health and Wellness: School Nurse and Mental Health Counselor

Welcome! Mrs. Cele Walter is your School Nurse. Ms. Connie McSherry is your Mental Health Counselor. 

Ms. Connie McSherry, LCSW, is the Mental Health Counselor at PVI High School. She works closely with students in all grades to help them manage things like anxiety, panic, depression, school and athletic performance, and even issues between friends. Students meet with Ms. McSherry individually or in groups during the school day or even after school if needed.  She loves working with high school students who she sees as so open and always willing to try hard to grow and be happy in high school. She has over 20 years experience with students at both the high school and college level as a counselor and coach.  

Mrs. Cele Walter, RN CSN-NJ is the school nurse. This is her 19th year at Paul VI and considers it a privilege to work with and care for your students. She has an extensive background in pediatrics, spending her first 20 years after college working at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia as both a staff nurse and nurse manager. She is grateful for her experience there and believes that it greatly contributes to her ability to best serve the community at Paul VI.

Ms. McSherry and Mrs. Walter agree that physical mental and emotional health go hand in hand and enjoy working together to best support the well-being of all of the students at Paul VI. 

MAGNUS HEALTH STUDENT MEDICAL RECORD- All medical information must be completed by parents/guardians through Magnus Health.
You may log in to Magnus Health AFTER JULY 6th.  

Parents/guardians will receive a letter in the mail late May 2023 with further information.