Through the Paul VI High School Performing Arts department students are able to express themselves through dance, art, theatre and music.  The department produces an annual musical, drama night, music concerts, arts festivals and Project Dance.  The students are actively involved in extracurricular auditions, rehearsals and performances during the school year.
I have found Paul VI to excel in the performing arts.  Each and every year, my wife and I are in awe of the wide diversity of talent that exists in all grades of this school.  The Christmas Concert, the annual plays and the Spring Concert represent excellent showcases in putting the students’ artistic talents on display! 

Stephen J. Segrave-Primus
Parent of Alumni, Katherine Rose Segrave-Primus and Andrew John Segrave-Primus

List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Mrs. Michele Stafford

    Mrs. Michele Stafford 

  • Photo of Mr. Benjamin Vinci

    Mr. Benjamin Vinci 

  • Photo of Mrs. Suzanne Zerone

    Mrs. Suzanne Zerone