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      iPad Camp Part 3

Paul VI High School offers a 1 to 1 program, which features various iPad’s as the source of innovation and educational inspiration. The iPad serves as a textbook reader, notebook, research tool, and connection to teachers as well as the world beyond. Here at Paul VI we culture the use of technology not only as an enhancement to our pedagogical output, but also as a way to transform students learning capabilities. The iPad is platform that enriches teachers and students to integrate knowledge with virtual workgroups and manage content easily and effortlessly.

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  • Setting up and Syncing the iPad

  • iPad Guide

  • Dropbox

    Dropbox is a wonderful application that will sync all of your files to a cloud, and allow you to access them from your iPad and many other devices.  In order to get the most out of the application, first download the application to your computer by visiting dropbox.  Once it is installed on the computer, then you will creat a user name and password,  The User name must be your email address so it is recommended tat you use your PVI email address and password, so it is easy for you to login.
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  • Pages and Keynote

    Productivity Apps:
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  • iBooks

    iBooks is a remarkable app that comes preinstalled on your iPad. If you have a Mac at home running OS-X Snow Leopard, Lion, or Mountain Lion, then you can also have this app as a feature on your desktop or laptop.
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  • Apple Care Information and Protocols

    If a parent calls with a concern with regarding an iPad2, then the following procedure should be followed to both help expedite the process and mitigate the issue effectively.
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    Mr. Nicholas Markellos 

“Technology alone is not enough, it’s technology married with Liberal Arts, married with the Humanities that yields us the results that makes our hearts sing.”


At Paul VI High School, we live by the motto “Freedom with Responsibility” and that motto certainly holds ground for the technology use. Students are not only responsibility for how they use their iPad’s in the classroom, but also held accountable for the over care of the device. The students should charge their iPad’s on daily and maintain good service (App Updates, Software Updates) on the machine.
To help troubleshoot issues, please see the following topics regarding the overview of the iPad and applications we utilize on a daily basis.