Dear Fellow Alumni,
I am very excited to be the new Alumni President at Paul VI High School.  I am a proud graduate of the Class of 1990 and have many great memories from my time at PVI including running track and cross country.  Over the years I have watched the school grow and upgrade, with improvements to the facility and curriculum and activities.
While the footprint of the school has not changed, if you walk through the halls you can see the many upgrades, and my fellow alums from the Class of ’90 may be surprised to hear that the school now has air conditioning in every classroom.  Because all three of our girls have attended PVI, I have had the opportunity to see first-hand the many things that PVI has to offer.  It is the premier catholic school in our region and offers a more well-rounded education experience than any other private high school in South Jersey.  
I personally see the value of my hard earned dollars spent and the investment in the education of my children at PVI.  
I have been actively engaged in alumni and school fundraising events for many years now.  I have volunteered with the school’s Pauction Fundraiser, the Fashion Show and have attended the PVI Golf Outing in the Spring.  I have also chaired the Alumni 5K Run and Walk, which we recently moved to a new location on Cooper River, to now include an after party where we can share a few drinks and memories.  This past year I also came back to the school to assist with the Fall cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track programs as an assistant coach.  Winning a sectional title this fall with the girls cross country brought back many great memories for me as well, and your alumni support is important to the future success of our sports teams. 
As you can tell, I am a big believer in the school and the strong leadership of Sister MaryAnne and Mike Chambers.  I come to this position armed with many creative ideas and an open ear to hear your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. A strong and committed alumni base is vital to the success and long term vitality of any school, and we have a wonderful association with many alumni who are generous with their time, talent and donations.  It is my hope that we can engage the new graduates who are leaving Paul VI into an ever-challenging world, and to also bring back into Da Flock (PVI’s fan group) our long-ago grads whom have good memories and have benefited from their time at PVI to be successful in many different roles and industries.   Paul VI’s leadership, faculty, and alumni strive every day to make a positive impact on our children and to prepare them to make an impact on the world.  
Due to Covid-19 we have had to be flexible and creative with some of our large fundraising and community engagement events like the Pauction, the Spring Golf Outing and our Alumni Event at the Jersey Shore.  Please keep an eye on social media for rescheduling information.  After this is all over, I look forward to coming together with you all to support PVI once again.   You will also be hearing from me as I attempt to recruit and engage you to become involved or, in some cases, more involved in the PVI community.  You are part of our past.  My goal is to bring you back to PVI so that you can be part of our future.
Feel free to reach out to me with questions, comments, suggestions and observations.
Vince Cieslik (’90)
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