List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • What is the Paul VI Annual Giving Campaign?

    The Paul VI High School Annual Giving Campaign is the primary philanthropic opportunity to support our school’s exceptional curricular and extra-curricular programs. The annual giving campaign is one of the few sources of income bridging the gap between what tuition provides and the total operating budget. Many of you continue to participate with the Annual Giving Campaign by either donating your time, talents and treasure…which in turn has inspired others to join us in our efforts.  Generous support from alumni and friends allow us to continue to provide the programs and resources that set Paul VI apart. Your generosity and support truly makes a difference in the lives of all of our students!!!
  • Why is it important to support the Paul VI Annual Giving Campaign?

    The Paul VI Annual Giving Campaign provides direct funding for our co-curricular activities for our students and faculty.  This investment will benefit each and every student directly.  We want maintain and improve our building and grounds, remain ahead of the curve with regard to the academic and the technologic landscape, as well as facilitate enhancements in athletics, arts, theatre, music, dance.  All of these gifts add up in a big way to help us bridge the gap between what tuition provides and the total operating budget. Every gift makes a difference, and your participation is KEY to the success of our Annual Giving Campaign. A Paul VI education is an exceptional value in the Diocese of Camden reflecting both academic excellence and affordability.
  • Does the Paul VI Annual Giving Campaign pay for anything above and beyond operating budget?

    The Paul VI Annual Giving Campaign does not pay for anything extra.  The Campaign directly funds the operating budget for the school for all student and faculty programs not covered by tuition.
  • How much should I Give?

    The Paul VI Annual Giving Campaign gifts range from $1.00 to above $5,000.00.  Friends and family are asked to consider a gift that is within their means.  Each and every gift to Paul VI is important and greatly appreciated as they support the value of Catholic education and help to advance both the mission and vision of the school.

Giving Level Opportunities

Pontifical Society  ($5,000 and Above)
Montini Society ($1,000 to $4,999)
Filippini Society ($500 to $999)
President's Club ($250 to $499)
Eagles Club ($100 to $249)
Blue and White Club ($1 to $99)
          Da Flock Club (Your contribution equals $20 plus your class year in cents.)  Example 2016=$20.16