The Paul VI curriculum is designed to prepare students for “the contemporary world guided by the light of faith” by offering students “the opportunity to learn, live, and worship as active members of a Catholic community. “

Beginning with the prescribed curricula for the freshmen and continuing through the senior year, the curriculum introduces students to a wide variety of courses that challenge and engage varied interests and capabilities of the students.

At every level, the curriculum fosters the development of critical thinking, written and oral communication and scientific analysis. The curriculum is designed to evolve and to enable our students to address the challenges of the 21st century with confidence, compassion, and sound judgment.

Academic Requirements

List of 4 items.

  • Freshmen

    Freshmen, in order to enter sophomore year, must
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  • Sophomores

    Sophomores, in order to enter junior year, must

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  • Juniors

    Juniors, in order to enter senior year, must
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  • Seniors

    Seniors, in order to be eligible to graduate, must
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Class Rank and Quality Points

A system of quality points is used in the calculation of class rank.

The accumulation of quality points is dependent upon the number of courses taken by a student, course credits, course groupings and the final grade achieved. Points awarded are based on each grade achieved and totaled for the number of courses taken. A credit is factored into each course taken. If the course is other than five credits, e.g. a 1 credit course, it receives 1/5 of the weighted points assigned to a five credit course.

The group for each course is listed in the right column next to each course description.

Physical education, health, driver’s education, guidance, leadership, technology workshop, senior seminar, conversational English and math skills review are not considered in class rank.

Grade Equivalents

A+.....97 - 100 A.....93 - 96
B+.....89 - 92 B.....85 - 88
C+.....81 - 84 C.....77 - 80
D+.....74 - 76 D.....70 - 73
F........Below 70
WF.....Withdrawn Failure