List of 17 frequently asked questions.

  • How large is Paul VI High School?

    There are approximately 975 students at Paul VI. Classroom size depends on different factors – whether a class is required or elective, or the prerequisites needed to enroll. While a typical classroom contains about two dozen students, there are many specialized electives available that favorably lower the student-teacher ratio to an impressive 14 to 1.
  • How many AP classes does Paul VI offer?

    Eighteen AP classes, are offered to the sophomore, junior and senior levels at Paul VI.
  • What world languages does Paul VI offer?

    French, Italian, Latin, and Spanish are taught at Paul VI.  All languages are 4-year programs; Spanish, French and Latin offer the AP level.
  • What percentage of Paul VI seniors attends college?

    Ninety-seven percent of the Paul VI Class of 2020 will attend college this fall. The class received over $31.8million in academic scholarships and more than  $3.6 million in athletic scholarships.
  • Which colleges accept Paul VI students?

    The list of college acceptances for the most recent Paul VI graduates is in the box on the right-hand side of this page.
  • Does Paul VI have an entrance exam?

    No, the exam Paul VI administers is not used to determine acceptance, but the exam is used for placement and most importantly for scholarship.
  • What is the HSPT? Why does Paul VI require it?

    The HSPT, or High School Placement Test, is a standardized test that assesses a student’s knowledge of math and reading.  Paul VI requires that all students applying for the freshman year take this test; the scores are one factor used in placing students in the proper math, science and language arts courses. 
  • Is there a scholarship exam?

    Yes; the HSPT is also our scholarship exam – but to be considered for a scholarship, a student must take the HSPT at Paul VI as described above. 
  • What scholarships are available to incoming freshman at Paul VI?

    Several scholarships are available to incoming freshmen.  Paul VI High School awards academic scholarships, based on the results of the HSPT that is administered at Paul VI in the fall.  These scholarships are renewable for each year of high school, contingent on maintaining a required GPA, and good disciplinary standing.   Paul VI also offers arts scholarships in the performance areas of vocal, instrumental and strings; auditions are required. The Paul VI PTO also provides a scholarship for an incoming Paul VI freshman.  Students with demonstrated financial need are given the opportunity to apply for this $1000 renewable award after attending the February registration at Paul VI.  
  • Does Paul VI offer financial aid?

    Yes; about twenty-five percent of Paul VI families receive tuition assistance.  Awards are based solely on need as determined through our financial aid process.  To enter the tuition assistance process, parents must submit their financial information at, by December 31st.
  • Can a student transfer into Paul VI?

    Yes; while Paul VI welcomes students into the community at various points in the high school career, there are some guidelines.  During freshman and sophomore year, transfers are recommended to take place at the close of the semester.  Juniors can transfer to Paul VI at the close of the first and second quarters only. Transfer students are not admitted to Paul VI for the senior year. Students who wish to transfer to Paul VI must have transcripts free of failing grades and be in good disciplinary standing at their current school.  
  • How does the technology program work?

    By creating a 1:1 iPad /student ratio, Paul VI has put its students at the focal point of education, enabling them to take quizzes on computers and hand in homework and papers via the student portal and cloud computing.  

    Because technology is constantly upgraded for our students, each graduating class uses a different iPad; the Class of 2026 has been assigned the 128 GB iPad.  Tablets (iPads) are assigned at the beginning of freshman year, and students keep them year-round through their entire Paul VI careers. To ensure compatibility and provide the support needed to keep the in-school network running smoothly, students are required to obtain their iPads from Paul VI High School. When the student graduates from Paul VI, the iPad stays with the student.
  • Tell me about the athletic programs at Paul VI.

    Sports are an important part of life at Paul VI. With over 50 squads spanning 3 seasons and 25 sports, close to half of our students are athletes who represent Paul VI on the field or court.

    A member of the New Jersey State Interscholastic Associations (NJSIAA) and the Olympic Conference, Paul VI Eagles have won  nearly 200 conference championships and 36 state titles.

    Paul VI is the first school in South Jersey to partner with the University of Notre Dame in the Play Like a Champion Today program.  This unique effort helps our students focus on the finer aspects of high school athletics expected as part of our Catholic identity, including good sportsmanship, team effort and character building.
  • Does Paul VI support the arts?

    Yes; our arts community is thriving.  Offering 25 fine and performing arts electives, Paul VI has quality instruction and performance opportunities to develop the talent of its artists, whether their work is meant for the gallery or the stage.  Specialized facilities, including a state-of-the-art dance studio and professional-grade stage equipment, further illustrate Paul VI High School’s dedication to the arts. In addition, co-curricular opportunities abound.  The annual spring musical rivals a Broadway rendition; student talent is both on-stage and behind the scenes for these sold-out performances. The Christmas and spring concerts, and the spring fine arts exhibit, showcase the impressive talents of our Paul VI artists.
  • What about transportation?

    In addition to the students who walk to school or commute by car, students go back and forth between Paul VI and Burlington, Camden and Gloucester counties each day.  Paul VI does not share routes with other high schools; we are the exclusive destination for each of the 6 buses that arrive here every morning.  

    While transportation options are determined in part by a student’s town of residence, Paul VI is committed to offering practical school bus transportation to its families.  A transportation coordinator is on staff to assist parents and students with making these arrangements.  

    Families with questions about transportation may contact Mrs. Terry Fiore, at (856) 858-4900 ext. 314 or
  • Does Paul VI provide “late buses”?

    No; all regular school buses leave Paul VI at 2:30 dismissal.  

    Paul VI provides transportation back and forth between Paul VI and all “away games” for its athletic teams; ; the school also provides transportation to all home games and practices for the ice hockey, swim and tennis teams, since these facilities are off campus. Families must make their own transportation arrangements regarding all other practices, rehearsals and activities. 

    To help families manage the busy student schedule, the Paul VI Learning Media Center is open every day until 6 p.m., providing a supervised environment, rich in educational resources.  Students are able to make optimum use of time before and after activities, to maintain a healthy balance between academics and extra curriculars.
  • Does Paul VI offer any summer camps or SAT prep classes?


    Paul VI offers a variety of summer camps in sports, technology, academics and the arts.  Camp registration is generally open to students entering grades 5 through 9, depending on the program’s focus.  

    SAT prep classes are offered 3 times a year.  These 12-week sessions are available in fall, spring and again as part of the summer camp program.  The SAT prep classes are not limited to Paul VI students; interested students from any high school may contact Paul VI H.S. for more information about the SAT courses.