Transfer students are a welcome addition to the Paul VI family.  Typically, transfers take place at the conclusion of the first semester (late January) or at the end of the school year (in June.)  Exceptions to these time frames are made at the discretion of the Paul VI administration.  Paul VI accepts transfer students for the freshman, sophomore and junior years.
Students who are considering a transfer to Paul VI should take these initial steps:
  • Contact the Paul VI admissions office at 856-858-4900 ext. 336.  The admissions office will take some basic information, and answer any questions.
  • Send electronic copies of final report cards for any completed years of high school and interim report cards for the current school year to   These reports do not have to be official transcripts, but should be presented in an academic format, e.g. a report card or unofficial transcript.  Please do not send “snapshots” of grades in progress
Paul VI guidance will review the report cards, to determine if a student has demonstrated the ability and willingness to do the work expected of a Paul VI student.  The reports will also be examined for compatibility, to ensure that the student can continue in his or her course progressions at Paul VI.
If the transfer is approved to move forward, and the student intends to transfer, here are the next steps:
  • Submit an electronic copy of the final grades for the current year to
Once the materials above have been submitted, Paul VI guidance will provide registration materials for the student to formally enroll at Paul VI High School.

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