Dear Fellow Eagles:

Welcome to the alumni section of the Paul VI High School website. These pages are dedicated to helping you renew and maintain your connection with those in the nest both past and present.

Paul VI High School remains steadfast in its commitment to education rooted in the Catholic faith—a true accomplishment in a time of uncertainty for so many Catholic schools. To maintain this solid foundation, we need your involvement. Theodore Roosevelt once said, "In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing.

The worst thing you can do is nothing." We, as alumni, must find the courage to do the "best thing" and challenge the status quo when it comes to our role at Paul VI. We must believe in our own ability to give back in order to help shape the future of the school. The risk lies with doing the "worst thing"—becoming comfortable and taking our historic good fortune for granted. We need to challenge ourselves to become engaged in making a difference.

Exciting things are taking place at our alma mater. Enrollment is up, new electives are being launched, the athletic teams are making headlines, and there is a general sense of optimism here at Paul VI. Our alumni connections continue to grow and spread this optimism into the communities that surround us. A Paul VI education is increasingly well regarded in the surrounding communities.

Alumni involvement this past school year has also helped to create an optimistic buzz within our school walls. There is no better time than now to become engaged in what we are doing at Paul VI. Many have dedicated their time to organize and attend our school’s annual fundraiser, Pauction VI. The number of alumni who donated to our annual giving campaign doubled from previous years. Whether donating time, talent, or treasure, our alumni continue to further the mission of the high school in ways that will leave a lasting impact on the future generations of Eagles.

We all are excited about what is happening at Paul VI, and I ask you to remember the two pillars of involvement and optimism that support our efforts. Your involvement in alumni activities contributes to the optimism that is a hallmark of our school, and charts a bright, clear course for the future. Your involvement and optimism enable Paul VI to stay faithful to our mission and remain a standard for Catholic high school education in this diocese.

We want you actively involved in the great things that the future holds. Remember . . . We are Paul VI!!!

Michael Chambers '94
President Paul VI High School
    • Michael Chambers, Class of 1994 - President

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