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Dual Credit Program with High School Plus

Paul VI students enrolled in the dual credit program who successfully complete the requirements can earn college credit from Camden County College while in high school. 

The Paul VI courses for which students may receive college credit are AP Language and Composition, AP Literature and Composition AP Statistics, AP US History II, AP Computer Science A, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Spanish, AP Latin, AP French, AP Psychology, College Calculus, Math Topics, AP Pre-Calculus and the third and fourth year of all languages.  The cost of each course is $150.

Click the link below and complete the registration form and application. Last day to register is March 1st.  

Registration Deadline: Students are required to complete the dual credit form by March 1, 2024. Students that do not register before March 1 will not be eligible to receive dual credit this year. If you completed this form during the initial registration period, you do not need to submit another form as that registration form has already been processed. However, if there were additional courses that your child was eligible for and you did not register for them previously, you may register for them now. Also, please review the approved courses as additional courses may have been added since the first registration period.

How to Register: If you are interested in how your child can earn college credits this year, please click on the application and registration button for more information.

Registration Form and Application

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