Vincent Sarubbi, Esq., '78

Vincent Sarubbi’s career is one anyone would be proud to claim.  Since his days at Paul VI, Vince has gone on to become a successful attorney in private practice and a former Camden County Prosecutor.  He credits his decision to follow a legal career path to the influence of his family, in particular his late father Michael and his interest in public service.
Vince has many fond memories of his years at Paul VI.  Father Rock, Mr. Rowan, and playing on the basketball team are frequent topics of discussion for Vince and his high school buddies.  When asked what role he feels his Paul VI education has played in life, Vince replied, “When you are in high school it is difficult, as an adolescent, to recognize its true value.  The influence of my Paul VI education cannot be overstated. As you grow older, develop other relationships and life experiences, a Catholic education acts as a compass to guide your life’s choices.”
As far as offering advice to Paul VI students looking to a career in law, Vince says, “Practically speaking, take a course in speed reading and get a good pair of glasses!  Otherwise, aim high.  Never sell yourself short.  Don’t give up.  Understand the area of the law that best suits your goals personally and financially, and above all, be passionate about the law and the career you choose.” 
Vince urges today’s high schools to offer career guidance at a young age.  “The importance of understanding yourself is crucial.  The significance of that understanding reveals itself in selecting a career and life path that will ultimately lead to success, happiness, and fulfillment.  A truly successful person comes to define success in terms other than job status and monetary compensation.”
Vince and his wife Lisa, an Interior Designer, have three children attending Catholic Schools—Vincent, Peter and Sophia.  Vince and Lisa, both Catholic school graduates, are hopeful that their children will take away from their Catholic education that same strength of character and moral compass that has helped guide them on life’s path.  With such wonderful parents, they can’t miss.
“I fondly recall the diversity of the students and the dedication of many of my teachers.”