Deirdre Kane, '72

Paul VI has had many dedicated individuals come through this school.  Remembering back to high school days, one may think of a few students who were very involved and proudly stood by PVI.  One of these outstanding alumni who has carried Paul VI pride throughout her life is Deirdre Kane class of ’72.  Deirdre had the privilege of  being in one of the first graduating classes at Paul VI.  While attending school, Deirdre made sure to stay involved, she participated in softball, track, field hockey and basketball.  Although she didn’t know it at the time soon she would realize basketball would become her passion for life.  Deirdre can remember how wonderful all her coaches were and how much she enjoyed her four years at Paul VI. She can remember how close her class was and still is, she can recall how she loved every aspect of Paul VI, the academics, the coaches and her fellow students.
After high school, Deirdre went on to graduate from the University of Dayton. Her goal in college was to go into the medical fields she was hoping to be accepted into veterinary school. Little did she realize how soon her dreams would shift gears.  In 1976 Deirdre was selected as College Player of the Year by the Basketball Club of South Jersey.  The Courier Post flew her home to attend a banquet in honor of her achievement.  During that banquet she met a priest, Fr. William Brennan, who influenced her decision to become a teacher and coach. He realized the talent that Deirdre had and wanted to hire her at Gloucester Catholic High School. After graduating from college, Deirdre decided to take Father up on his offer.  She taught science and math in addition to coaching field hockey, softball and basketball at Gloucester Catholic.  After 2 years there she had the opportunity to become the head coach of  another high school basketball team, Camden Catholic High School. 
1981 was a big year for Deirdre, she was expecting her first and only child and brought Camden Catholic to the State finals for basketball.  After three years at Camden Catholic, Deirdre’s husband was transferred and she had her first experience coaching college basketball at Salisbury University in Maryland. After Salisbury, she had coaching stints at Swarthomore College and the Univeristy of Pennsylvania, before settling at West Chester University where she has been coaching for the last 20 years.
Her family has always shared her interest in sports and Catholic education. Her husband, Tim, is a Cardinal O’Hara and University of Dayton graduate.  Deirdre’s son, Sean, is a graduate of Bishop Shanahan High School in Downington, West Chester University and Syracuse University.
“ I loved every single aspect of PVI! The teachers and coaches were wonderful.  Our class was always very close and still is.  I was always very proud to call PVI my home.”