Reverend Timothy Byerley, Class of 1972

Father Timothy Byerley graduated from Paul VI High School in 1972.  During his days at PVI he was primarily involved in sports.  Fr. Tim would say his athletic abilities never went as far as his brother, Curt however football, wrestling and baseball kept him occupied during his years at PVI. In intramural wrestling, Fr. Tim was the wrestling champ in his weight class. Fr. Tim also enjoyed Chemistry and Mathematics during high school and went on to Lehigh University to pursue the study of engineering.  College brought him many different accomplishments such as placing second in the university boxing tournament, and playing on the rugby team.
After college, Fr. Tim became a sales engineer in Cincinnati, Ohio,  it was then he first felt the calling to become a priest.  He entered the seminary in 1980, at Mount Saint Mary’s in Emmitsburg, Maryland.  In 1985, Fr. Tim was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Camden at St. Rose of Lima Church in Haddon Heights, NJ.  As Fr.
Tim remembers back to his discernment years, he recalls the influence his family had on nurturing his vocation as well as Fr. Angelo Casserta, who was very instrumental in his decision to enter the priesthood.  Fr. Angelo was the pastor of his parish in Cincinnati.
For Fr. Tim, his priesthood is an exciting life of unity with Christ and service to His people.  Because of the priest’s role as the moral teacher and spiritual guide of the community, he is always on the cutting edge of the religious, social and cultural issues of the day. 
Fr. Tim has been a priest for the Diocese of Camden for 21 years and is currently pastor of St. John Vianney Church in Deptford, NJ. While in Mount St. Mary’s  Seminary, he obtained a Master of Divinity, in 1989 he obtained a Master of Arts in Theology from St. Charles Seminary and this year, 2006,  received a PhD from Fordham University’s School of Religion and Religious Education.  Fr. Tim has served in many parishes throughout the diocese and has had extensive pastoral experience, especially in ministering to youth and young adults.  He authored and published a popular book entitled St. John Neuman: Wonder-Worker of Philadelphia.  Fr. Tim is also the co-founder and director of the Collegium Center for Faith and Culture, a regional center for evangelization located in Deptford, NJ. 
On behalf of the Paul VI community we are honored to have Fr. Tim and his family part of our alumni family.
“In Biology class I never seemed quite able to dissect an earthworm properly.  Despite this failure, I came away from this experience with innumerable life-skills that have served me well over the years.”
Fr. Tim’s brother, Fr. Joseph Byerley, was ordained a priest in 1993, and also sits on the PVI Board of Trustees (now Chair of the Board).  For Fr. Tim, it was an extraordinary privilege to vest him during his ordination ceremony.  “We share the bonds of both blood and sacred orders,” this to Fr. Tim is an honor.  Curt Byerley completes the Byerley Triad.  He is a very successful businessman and exemplary husband and father.  With his wife, Joannie, and daughters Katie and Kristina, the Byerley family bonds are very close.  The whole Byerley family,  including Fr. Tim’s nieces have all graduated from Paul VI.  Fr. Tim’s Dad, Ed Byerley,