Major Timothy Curry, '82

“One day, about ten years ago, when Tim was visiting here at home, there was a knock at the door.  Two Jehovah Witnesses were standing there.  I usually just say that I am a practicing catholic and appreciate what they are doing, but I am not interested.  Not Tim, he talked to them for over an hour about the teachings of the bible, comparing beliefs and practices.”
Tim sang and played guitar at Sunday Mass.  He was always smiling and his laughter was infectious.  He was very family oriented, and above all else, the most important thing in Tim’s life was his wife and children. He loved being a father and husband more than anything.  In a nutshell Tim Curry was a dedicated man.  He was dedicated to anything he was passionate about, his career, his family, and his faith most especially.
During his high school days he embraced Paul VI and all it stood for.  Paul VI challenged him to do his best academically as well as athletically. He became a great and effective leader because of the experiences as student council representative and team captains.  Tim learned that in order to get the most out of a school experience he had to participate, and he learned that lesson very well.
Tim went to Paul VI determined to do his best.  He was from a small school in Pine Hill and he decided to run for freshman class president.  He only knew a few students, but he campaigned well and won.  Tim played football; 3 year varsity quarterback and was awarded All Delaware Valley Quarterback. He also  Wrestled for 4 years as a varsity player. For Wrestling he received MVP; State Runner-up Junior year; State Champion Senior year and South Jersey Hall of Fame.  He was Class President Freshman and Sophomore year and Student Body President Senior Year.
After high school, Tim knew he wanted to go to the Naval Academy, it was there he knew flying was his passion. Once Tim received his wings, he never looked back.  He often would call home and tell his family how beautiful our country was as he flew over the land.  “After one of his flights in Alaska, just a few days before his accident, he sent an e-mail to me saying he had just seen God’s majestic beauty.  He said he felt he was in heaven it was so beautiful.”
Tim lived his life with no regrets, he loved and he gave life his best. “Paul VI has done a wonderful job keeping the memory of Tim alive for all students of Paul VI.  The shadow box by senior hall is a wonderful display of everything you can achieve through hard work and determination. One of the happiest days of our lives was when Paul VI honored Tim by dedicating the football field in honor of him.  I hope the future students of Paul VI learn to follow their dreams, work hard for what they want, and always stay true to their faith.”
“Tim lived his life with no regrets, he loved and he gave life his best.”
“If you have observed the scholastic scene, the fact that Paul VI’s Tim Curry had been selected as The Inquirer’s South Jersey Athlete of the Year should come as no surprise.  Surprise? How could Tim Curry not be the area’s and maybe even the state’s premier high school student-athlete.”  Yet there is more to Tim Curry’s story.  It was his winning attitude– and attitude that most Paul VI coaches and teachers prefer to mention even before his athletic prowess. He’s the kind of leader that, through his actions, commands the respect of his teammates-the kind of respect that is be a good coach...You have to have the ability to make them believe in you. Tim makes you believe.”