Robert Quaile, '70

When asked about his Paul VI day’s, Bob Quaile remembers the excitement of being from the first four year graduating class; 1970.  He recalls that he was one of the first president’s of the band at PVI but he states “I actually began performing with my family at the age of 11.”  From a young age his father helped him see the importance of music. Bob started out playing the saxophone and the clarinet in high school and then challenged himself much more as he became more involved with music and today could probably play any instrument you lay in front of him.
After his days at PVI Bob went on to attend college at The Philadelphia Musical Academy, which today is the University of the Arts.   In addition to giving music lessons to students in Rohrer Middle School and teaching digital audio recording technology at Haddon  Township High School, Bob finds time to teach some music education classes at his alma mater, University of the Arts.  He actually teaches students who would like to be educators themselves, the flute, obo and English horn.
Bob met his wife in his high school days, and on September 19th, they were married for 30 years. Bob and his wife Marianne are the proud parents of 5 children, all of whom attended Paul VI.  David Quaile, the youngest of Bob and Marianne, graduated in 2004 and was the 20th Quaile to graduate from Paul VI High School.  All of their children have adapted Bob’s musical talent in some form and pursue them in many different avenues of the arts.
Bob is the 2nd oldest of 11 children, he plays with some of his brothers in their band that is appropriately named “The Quailes.” He has also played solo for countless events, such as playing with the Walnut Street Theatre and the Philly Pops.  He has been featured with the Sands Orchestra and has played for such celebrities as Bill Cosby, Tony Bennett, Anne Margaret and Billy Crystal.
Now a day’s, Bob has lessened his traveling around with “The Quailes”, which has taken them to places such as London and Reno, although he still plays solo for the Philly Pops. “The Quailes” also perform events such as wedding’s, corporate events and hospital galas.
The passion that Bob has for music now had been established when he was just a boy and has flourished into a lifetime of musical accomplishments. From being a proud husband and father to instructing others how to live their dream of music, the Paul VI community is proud to have such an outstanding individual among our alumni.
“Paul VI gave me many life-long lessons. The biggest lesson I learned was how important friendship is. I am still in close contact with many friends I made at PVI.”
The musical world is a small one, as they say.  “Bob Quaile was at The Philadelphia Musical Academy at the same time that my husband, Tony, was teaching in the brass department there,” relates Mrs. Marchione, head of the Paul VI music department.  Anthony Marchione subsequently was the band director at Paul VI from 1974 to 1993.  The present set up at Paul VI is a mix of old and new.  When you walk into Room 100 now, you see new instrument lockers and new band risers.  The back practice rooms accommodate both music theory and music technology classes.  Down the hall in Room 101 the choirs and string ensembles rehearse and around the corner in Room 104 the dance studio reverberates with all types of music.  One thing that hasn’t changed, are the students who love to perform.  “Mr. Vinci, Ms. Daniels and myself, are inspired by their talent and enthusiasm,” states Mrs. Marchione.  Perhaps someday soon Bob Quaile will find future PVI alums in his classroom.