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To the right of this page are all physical, health, medication and athletic forms. Please complete as follows:

1. Physical form for ALL students, even non-athletes. MUST be completed and sent to school:
             a. BEFORE the start of classes for ALL incoming freshman and transfer students. Please attach recent immunization record to form.                    
             b. by AUGUST 1 for all fall athletes.  MUST be done within 365 days of the first official practice.

2. Asthma Treatment Plan, Allergy Action Plan and Medication Permission Forms must be completed YEARLY if your student has asthma, life threatening allergies and/or may need prescription or over the counter medications during the year.


1. Health History Update MUST be completed if the physical was done 90 or more days before the official first practice.

2. Athletic Permit. One must be completed for EACH sport EACH year.

3. Sudden Cardiac Death in Young Athletes. Please read and sign off on Athletic Permit.

4. Athletic Concussion Consent. One must be completed for EACH sport EACH year.

5. ImPACT Test must be done all student-athletes at least once.

6. Blue Cards are ONLY available at school. The Blue Card will be signed by the school nurse after all forms are completed and turned in to school. The student-athlete may NOT try out for a sport unless he or she turns the Blue Card in to the coach on the first official day of practice.

All forms are also available in the Main Office or Health Office.

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