Raising a family in today's world can be challenging. When my children reached the stage of choosing a high school, my husband and I decided on Paul VI. Although, as an alumna, the choice was easy to make, my children - with their very different personalities, abilities, and interests - have succeeded at Paul VI beyond our every expectation. From academics to athletics, to faith formation, this Paul VI family of teachers, coaches and counselors has helped each of my children pursue their dreams and reach their true academic, artistic and spiritual potential.

-Jacki Philion Carty -PVI Class of '79

Parents of John, Class of ’08
               Shannon, Class of ‘10
               Jacklyn, Class of ‘14
               Megan, Class of ‘16
When we were first learning about Paul VI through the faculty and student presentations, we heard the word “we” much more during PVI’s presentations than anywhere else we looked. It certainly made “community” a point of emphasis during the application process, and our experience here as confirmed that the faculty and administration promote a sense of community among the students. The host students during the open house were polite and very respectful, and still seemed to be having fun. This, seemed to be a good fit for us, and more importantly, for our daughter.

- Carolyn and Bill O’Kane
  Parents of Maureen, Class of ‘15
We wanted a high school that would continue to nurture the faith, values, and morality that we were teaching our children at home and we found that at Paul VI. The first time we walked into PVI it felt like home. Our children have benefited immensely from all that PVI has to offer, from faith, to the knowledge, to lasting friendships. People will often ask, “Why Paul VI?” and our answer is always “walk the halls and you will see.” We are very proud to have five Paul VI graduates and three more to go. 

Bernadette and Dennis Jablonoski
Parents of Molly, Class of 2005
                Bernadette, Class of 2006
                Dennis, Class of 2008
                Anthony, Class of 2008
                Joan Mary, Class of 2010
                Teddy, Class of 2017
                Grace, Class of 2017
                Jack, Class of 2019


Paul VI has helped me succeed both on and off the field. As a soccer player I take pride in what I do on the field, but Paul VI also helps me take pride in what I do in the classroom. Paul VI High School really helps me excel in life and gives me an edge for my future.

-Marc Acchitelli, Class of ‘15
Choosing Paul VI was not a hard decision for me when it came to choosing my high school. The arts, sports, and especially the academics are some of the many things that stand out here at Paul VI. Not only do I see PVI as a high school, but also as a family. Walking into school every morning gives me a feeling of comfort, love and the confidence to excel throughout my 4 years here at Paul VI.

- Kayla Homan, Class of ‘16
I decided to attend PVI because of the great culture of the school. The enthusiasm and pride displayed by the students and faculty were a great motivation for my decision. I couldn't be happier with my choice as PVI allows me to excel and grow as a student, an athlete and a young adult. I know that my experience at PVI is preparing me for great things in the future and I look forward to the next three years.

- Aliyah Stephens, Class of '17